1. Brand new Hobie RAW SUP. It’s wrapped in Kevlar with a cool blue resin dip. So it’s got performance and soul.

  2. The T-BONE is a solid transportion solution. Powder-coated aluminum truck bed extender, 300lbs weight capacity. Transport some serious fun. 

  3. Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 14 and the Tuff Tire Dolly

  4. New tee from the Hobie by Hurley Collection.

  5. New pocket tee from the Hobie by Hurley Collection. 

  6. A solid catch… #seafooddifferently

  7. Bailey and Fastlane/Hobie fishing team member Larry Laumann with some nice lobster, caught from their Hobie kayaks.

  8. New shop favorite. The Hobie Pro Angler “Owner’s Manual” shirt. 

  9. Cruising the Venice canals on an inflatable Hobie SUP.

  10. Larry Laumann of our Hobie Fishing team is on the cover of Pacific Coast Sportfishing July 2013 — way to go Larry!